13 January 2008

Martha Stewart Crayon Hearts

The theme for my floor this semester is going to be "love". I know it's a kajillion times vague, but it will work for numerous reasons, and here are some of them:

+ the most obvious reason- VALENTINE'S DAY
+ who doesn't want to live in a hall with explosive red, pink, and white everywhere?
+ love makes everyone happy...right?

Okay, those are also vague. But it's going to be great. I'm going to make a ton of these pretty babies for the floor. I'm planning on making them from all light-ish or pastel colors, and then stringing them into garlands, then hanging them from the ceiling.

I'll probably stick some more cheapy Christmas lights up there, too...just to add some more light. I feel like that and the flimsy hearts may not work together, though...like, melting may occur? I'll have to figure something out. Plus, I could put some red, pink, and white crepe paper up.

God, it's going to look like love threw up on my floor. But it's going to be preeeeeetty.

I'll keep the blogosphere updated once the floor is finished- which will be occurring later this week (holy eyelashes, my winter break is almost OVER).

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