08 January 2008

Currently loving....

1. America's Next Top Model [I know, I can't believe it, either]
2. Acting like a little kid [watching Disney movies, dancing funny, playing with brightly-colored gym toys]
3. Conan O'Brien. [check it, he's sporting a beard because of the Writer's Strike...]

4. The Juno Soundtrack [I've now seen Juno three times...it gets better each time]

5. The fact that one of my favorite people in the entire world, Kathleen, is visiting for the next few days [she's awesome beyond words, and she is falling asleep on her boyfriend's shoulder right now]

6. Animal Crackers.
7. This new movie called How To Cook Your Life- it looks relaxing and joyful.

8. The Yael Naim video for "New Soul"- so pretty and fun.

9. The Bluelines blog [leftover from Blueprint Magazine, RIP]
10. All the blogs updating regularly again [I went through withdrawal during Christmas]

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