13 January 2008


Look, look at the header! Look how cute it is! Pete drew it a couple of weeks ago, then we scanned it into the computer, I colored it on Photoshop, and FINALLY we figured out how to put it on the actual blog.

So, ONE of my NYR are complete. I have indeed gotten Happy Notions up and running...with regular postings and a fantastical blog header. Now, to get more readers...I'm on that. Just you wait.

PS: Thank you, Pete, for being so patient and wonderful and loving when it comes to helping me with technological things. That includes computer stuff, TV stuff, video game stuff, oven stuff, microwave stuff, and really, even cooking stuff. He's really just all-around wonderful. I'm so glad he's in my life. :D

1 comment:

mh said...

Yes, he is! All-around wonderful, that is. ;)