29 January 2008

Trivia Nights- a true St. Louis staple.

A bunch of us went to a trivia night this past weekend- me, Pete, Steve, Mary, Kyle, Jason, Laura, Scott, and Danno (and two of Emma's high school friends, Kelsi and Bryan?). Emma works with this great organization called Studio:Stl, which provides a source for city kids to write with a mentor. It's a knock-off of 826 Valencia, but it's cooler- BECAUSE IT'S RIGHT HERE IN OUR CITY AND ONE OF MY FRIENDS IS HUGELY INVOLVED.

In other words, awesome. I'm excited to be out of ResLife so that I can work more with that program next year. It's so fantastic.

ANYWAYS, so this trivia night. So all of us young 20-somethings (and yours truly, the lone nineteen-year-old girl) had a table together, and we were by far the youngest people there. Everyone else had brought lots of food and had created a giant potluck at their tables. So, Mr. Jason Valentine decided to change our situation of lack-of-food- order a pizza. But he doesn't call just ANY pizza place, he calls Pointers. Being the lone St. Louisian at the table, I knew what was up- Pointer's gimmick is that they offer a 28" pizza. For $40.

Let me just say, you should have seen all the old people's mouths hit the floor when Jason struggled through the doorway with our huge delivered box of goodness. It didn't take us too long to eat; probably about 20 minutes.

Check it out. It was great.

(Jason with the leftover box. He wanted to order a lot more pizzas and eventually build a pizza-box fort)

One more little thing is that Pointer's also has this little bit: If you and a partner eat the ENTIRE 28" pizza in a half hour, you win $500. Something to think about, huh?


Gj...the 'guh' is silent! said...

I went to a trivia night recently and it was the most fun EVER! So...I'm thinking reslife fun night? school program? fun raiser for something?

Laura said...

I feel so honored to have made your blog!
Even if it is for a ridiculous reason such as eating a gigantic pizza!

Starfire said...

Do they send take-outs to Japan, we could definitely do with one of those! Thanks for commenting on my photo,