16 January 2008

Where's Cupid?

There's this adorable book that's peeking out of Mary Helen's bookshelf in the room I've been sleeping in, called Where's Cupid? I've been staring at it every evening while I stay up late on my computer, but I still haven't actually plucked it from the shelf and paged through it. My guess is that it's a Where's Waldo? type book...but who could really be sure.

I apologize again for not having my blog stuff done today. I really want this blog to mean something to someone (not just myself), but since I'm in such a wacky schedule it's hard to figure out what times I'll be doing posts, when I'll have access to a computer, etc. So even though things are somewhat shaky right now, that will soon change, since I'll be back at SLU and in a regular routine in less than a week (yeeps).

But for now, I have been ITCHING to share this with you, darling readers (scant as you may be)...mav's flickr account!!! [Wow, that makes me feel so stalkerish]

Mav, of 3191, that is. She runs her own press place (port2port) that makes stellar cards, calendars, etc...and I stumbled across this fantastic group of her own photographs. Hooray!

I wish I could nab some of her pictures, but they have all been spaceballed...and I'm not yet an experted blogger who would know how to undo this...if that is even a possibility. But her pictures are full of beautiful simplicities, so check them out.

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