03 January 2008

Wanna get away?

I feel kind of silly for not knowing this, but Amtrak offers multiple-day tours around the country- I want to take part of the West Coast Spectacular vacation...

[excerpted from the website]
From the Pacific Northwest rainforests to the sandy, sunny beaches of Southern California, this exciting, independent rail vacation will introduce you to the highlights of the West Coast of the U.S.A. Spend time in three of the West Coast’s most exciting cities: Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Experience the best each city offers, from the casual atmosphere of Seattle, to the historic, charming San Francisco, and finally the youthful, dynamic Los Angeles! Travel in relaxed fashion aboard Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, in comfort, leaving you refreshed and ready to explore.

From $1,319*



DAY 1-2 Arrive & explore Seattle
DAY 3 Seattle to San Francisco by Amtrak
DAY 4 Arrive in San Francisco
DAY 5 Explore San Francisco
DAY 6 Explore Napa Valley
DAY 7 San Francisco to Los Angeles by Amtrak
DAY 8-9 Explore Los Angeles Area
DAY 10 Vacation ends in Los Angeles

Extend your vacation by travelling
to San Diego or the Grand Canyon!

Oh, San Francisco...I need to get back there, asap. Almost every time I read Jordan's blog I get insanely jealous of the fact that she actually lives there.

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