16 January 2008


I'm kinda short on time today (drove back to St. Louis after being in Cairo for quite a few days, and in an hour I have all night meetings), but I just HAD HAD HAD to tell you about this website I "stumbled" upon, called...StumbleUpon.

Stumble Upon installs a toolbar into your browser (they suggest that you update to Firefox if you do not yet use it) after you answer a series of questions and check boxes on things you are interested in, such as the arts, books, design, art, games, etc...pretty much everything is there, those are just some of the ones that I chose. Then you install the toolbar, and after that happens THE WEB IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS...

When you're bored you hit the "stumble" button, and it takes you to a site that it thinks you will like. After you're finished looking at the page, you can check either "I Like it" or "not" and as you do that for each site, stumbleupon will save all of the sites they direct you to AND will be able to better give you new sites. I haven't even had this function for 24 hours and it's already taken me to Postsecret, Threadless, Design Mom, Orisinal, various art sites, and lots of modern home design blogs. It's awesome. I will NEVER be bored on the Internet again (not that I really ever was).

Check it out, ya'll.

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