22 January 2008

Welcome Back, Kay.

Whee. Well, I've been a terrible blogger the last couple of days- and I am SORRY. I had ResLife training last week, and then this weekend was completely out of whack- I spent time in Gries, at Pete's place, at home, had psychic dentist appointments, and FINALLY got to see my girls. It was really exciting to see all of them again. But now I am BACK BACK BACK. Classes start today. I'm pretty excited about my classes (okay, I'm really really REALLY excited about a couple of them, but then I have a class like American Politics...and that isn't as exciting to me).

But, to bring me back into the blogging world, samlovesherdog created a set of downloadable Valentine's Day cards that ANYONE can send to their friends and lovers. And they are CUTE CUTE CUTE. Thanks to Ez over at Creature Comforts for the tip-off. I am going to be doing some serious printing.

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