14 January 2008

Currently loving....

1. Old-school Rooney tunes [like "Turn Yourself Away" "Why Try" and "You're on the Edge"]

2. Peggle [MSNBC rated this the #2 most addicting game in the universe...sorry, Mac users, it's not compatible with you]

3. My Little Pony fruit snacks [they're all the best flavors]
4. The entire Yael Naim album, Yael Naim [currently released on iTunes!]

5. Sudoku
6. my blog header [eeee I still can't believe it's actually up there!]
7. Futurama viewing sessions [yay for TV on DVD sales]

8. Laura Veirs' Saltbreakers

9. my Martha cakeplate from Macy's

10. The Darjeeling Limited luggage [made by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton...I would probably give my left leg for the entire set]

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