18 August 2009


The above number is the amount of contacts I have in my cell phone, currently.

I'm starting a new project. Over the course of my life (oh, it's so long, I'm so old...) I've found that it's really, really important to write. To journal, to write thank you notes, so on and so forth. And lately, I've really been wanting to acknowledge the people in my life that have influenced it to sway different ways, or have been helpful/knowledgeable in our pasts together.

So, hence the new project. I'm going to write a letter (write, yes, so handwritten) to every one of my phone contacts. I realize this is a big undertaking. I just counted and there are 254 contacts. Now, some of those contacts are double - like I have my dad's cell phone, plus my mom's cell phone, plus my sister's cell phone, plus our house number - so not all of them will be accounted for. But give or take, I would say that about 240ish letters will be written.

The goal is to write one a week. At first I thought about writing one a day, but come on, really? That won't happen.

There's also a twist: I'm going to post them all, on a separate blog. Example: Pete is obviously in my cell phone. So, when I get down to the "P" section, I will title the blog post something like, "Dear Pepe", when really, it's a letter to Pete.

Rosemary will become "Rhonda", etc.

The other blog is not set up yet. But it will be. I would like to start this week with my project.

So, here's what's going to happen: I will write the letter by hand, then type it into the blog. Then post it. Then postmark it, and then they will have a happy little something something to read.

I'm not going to lie, this is going to be a bit weird. I have all types of people/places in my phone, everyone from parents of the kids I babysit for, friends I have had falling-outs with, my alma mater, ex-boyfriends/flings, etc. But in general, I'm pretty excited to start this project.

[image via h.wren]


Micaela said...

what a lovely lovely idea. Can't wait to read these letters.

such a great project.

Katie said...

Wow. this is one of the most inspirational undertakings I have ever seen. I hope that the letters to friends with whom you have had falling outs help to improve those relationships. I think those would definitely be the hardest, but the most therapeutic and rewarding.

ps- I am also impressed by the number of contacts!

Laura said...

this is so inspiring!

Bridgett said...

Oh my GOD that's a great idea. You know about me and the 365 project stuff. I think that would make me such a better person if I did that next. Wow.

Karen said...

This is a fantastic idea! Just reading about it made me realize how few people's actual mailing addresses I have.

sonrie said...

sounds like a solid idea to me. I will probably write you one, back, too. I like letters. By the way, do you want my mailing address for this or will you just post on the blog?