20 August 2009

Cute Bridesmaid Idea.

Hmmm. I got cards for some of my bridesmaids when I asked them to be in my wedding. Others I just didn't want to wait any longer to ask, so I just...asked them.

But, I wish I had seen this before because I think it is just so cute and I want to do it. Maybe I will anyways?

Behold the cute:

If you ever want to look around a cute happy website about wedding stuff, I suggest Once Wed. It's my favorite wedding blog and everything seems to match my personality. I love it.


mina said...

I love these!

Me Sme and I said...

What a fun idea. Totally up my street. x

Karen said...

These are the cutest bridesmaid cards I've ever seen! Once Wed is the best. Have you ever checked out Green Wedding Shoes? I like that one too.