20 August 2009

The Impossible Project

I'm a fan of Polaroid film. Pete got me a Polaroid camera for Valentine's day a couple years back and when I have a few extra dollars I buy some film at WalMart. Well, I guess that last part should be in past tense, SINCE THERE IS NO MORE FILM TO BE FOUND. It's so sad.

Production of Polaroid film halted in June 2008 and at that point, there were no plans for another company/subsidiary to pick up the pieces, so...nothing happened.

Until The Impossible Project showed up. These people really like Polaroid film and somehow they had enough money to lease (for 10 years) the entire factory where the film used to be produced. Oh, and also, all the equipment. In the Netherlands.

And so, by early 2010 there will be more Polaroid film! Also - Urban Outfitters is helping out. I'm still somewhat unclear about HOW they're helping out, but it's still pretty awesome.

Also, if you are so inclined, The Impossible Project is selling stuff that will all go directly towards their cause of getting Pola film back on the shelves. I especially like this shirt. It's called, "Without You I'm Nothing". Check out the rest of the stuff they sell here.

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