10 August 2009

August 10, 2009...

So weird. In exactly 11 months, I'll be getting married. Probably to the MOMENT.

It's weird. Could I say weird more? Probably not.

In the first two months that we've been engaged, we've gotten some things figured out. We each asked all of our attendants if they would do us the honor (the answers were all yes). We are only moments away from signing a contract with Windows on Washington, where our reception will be held. We've made a guest list. I have ideas for how I want the save-the-dates to look. We've asked the four flower-girls. We have a couple of churches in mind.

I've started running. My mom made a bratty comment about how "most women try to lose weight before their wedding" (seriously). I do want to lose a little bit of weight, so...hence the running. Now, when I say I've started running, I've only gone running three times. But I pushed myself and I've been trying.

I found a dress I really, really like - it's by designers Birnbaum & Bullock. Unfortunately, a) the closest place to even try it on is up in Chicago, and b) it's probably thousands and thousands of dollars (which is not what I want to spend on a dress I will wear once). It's short, and very classy, and really, it's just me. Sometimes I think I want a long, puffy dress, but I like being able to move around and kick my legs up and DANCE, so...this is a good option, for sure.

What do my readers think?

Bridgett gave me the name of a seamstress/dressmaker so has made her daughter's first communion dress. I mean, this dress is pretty simple. I'm going to email her the picture and ask her if she thinks she can do it, and for how much.

Image via martha stewart


Micaela said...

classically beautiful, and i love that you described it as, "it's just me" and that you want to be able to DANCE. {oh yes, in caps!}

it reminds me of audrey. I would wear wrist gloves :). I've always dreamed of having a shorter dress.

bratty comments- i can understand that, my mom is the same :) they believe they're saying it out of love. I'm proud of the running you have done because honestly, who TRULY loves to exercise?

mh said...

What a sweet, simple, classic, classy dress! And so you!! I like the peek-a-boo shoes, too.

Anonymous said...

love this dress... like micaela said it is so audrey...

Katie said...

That dress is perfect for you! I never understood how people danced in the huge dresses either... good luck!
ps- you might keep an eye on the ones at jcrew. they sometimes have relatively cheap white "bridemaid" dresses that would be cute!