12 August 2009

Hungry? You Should Probably Skip This Post.

No, it's not something I made this time.

I was reading Bakerella, (another site you should NEVER go to if you are):
a) extremely hungry
b) craving sweets
c) lucky enough to have a fully stocked pantry, consisting of unlimited sugar, vanilla extract, etc

and Bakerella linked to Cakespy, and Cakespy linked back to Cannelle et Vanille, which is a foodie site I followed in my bookmarks BEFORE the great-laptop-crash-during-finals-week-2009. ANYWAYS. Long story short, the writer/creator/genius behind Cannelle et Vanille has finished assembling her food styling portfolio - and may I say, everything looks delicious.

Her name is Aran Goyoaga, and you should look at her portfolio right now! (And maybe it would even be a good idea if you are hungry.)

All of the pictures have been taken from Cannelle et Vanille, because I have a Dell and have no clue how to take pictures from a flash website! But really, you should look at her portfolio...

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