12 August 2009

Umbrella Caddy Part 2

Whee! I finished it! I still need one thing - a pot bottom that you put inside of it to catch any run-off moisture - but it hasn't rained in St. Louis in awhile and really, I doubt I'll be using my umbrellie anytime soon.

I cut the big concrete pour-er thing in half. This part took awhile. I did what the directions on design*sponge said - make slits in the cardboard with the box-cutter. I also had an old, kind of icky little saw that I tried to use. It didn't work very well. However, in the comments section, someone said that a jigsaw works nicely.

Then, I cut out lots of raindrops.

Then, I used mod podge on the back of the raindrops and slapped 'em onto the cork!

And done. I like it! Every time I walk by it in the hallway, I think, "wow, that is WAY too cool to have in my apartment."

Some details:
1. I used a roll of cork from Home Depot. It was actually cork found in the contact paper section, and it had adhesive on the back of it! So much easier than gluing it all down.
2. I used a 10" concrete pillar, not a 12".
3. I had no contact paper, so the inside of the caddy isn't blue, like it is in the original project. Also, since I had no contact paper, I cut raindrops out of two blue pieces of construction paper.
And finally...
4. If YOU want to make a caddy, I have half of a concrete thing left! If you live in St. Louis it's YOURS. Right now it's sitting in my closet, missing its other half...

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