14 August 2009

Ten Open Memos to People/Entities Who Do Stuff Right

1. Luvy Duvy's - today, with your spice cake, you made my life complete. Thank you. It was also nice that you (Rick?) gave Pete and I lots of extra chips and stuff. Totally made my day.

2. ReadyMade Magazine- at first I was disappointed when your last magazine (June/July) arrived in my mailbox and was so skinny. THEN, however, as I opened it, I realized that there were virtually no ads, meaning no wasted paper. And it made me SO happy. Can I say that I've been reading you since 2000 (yes, grade school - I was awesome), and you have always, ALWAYS put your best forward and made me feel complete? One of the consistently best magazines I have ever read. Props!

3. Wonder Hanger - thanks to you, I am able to hang things in my closet that is only 13 inches deep. These things do work, people. Buy some up!

4. Summer - you were busy. And hectic. And lots of stuff happened when you were around. But in all, you did good this year. I mean, I got engaged. THAT was pretty sweet.

5. Starbucks Employee at the Drive-Thru - I don't like coffee, but I liked that you talked to us when we were waiting for our drinks at the window. I was kind of blown away, actually. Usually drive-thru people are awkward and quiet, but you made me feel pretty comfortable. Thanks!

6. Any and All Farmers Markets - you rule. I love your produce and the majority of the people that you attract. I like seeing the kids and the dogs and the happiness of the vendors. In all, you're pretty fly.

7. Jason & Laura - you are amazing, wonderful people and you gotta get yourselves moved in up here. Seriously. Okay? We had too much fun last night.

8. Twitter - I heart you. We've been together for awhile now and I'm still fascinated by you and your tweets.

9. My Future Honeymoon - I am so excited for you. I told my mom today and SHE got so excited for you. Why are you 11 months away?!

10. My Future Husband - The other night there was a huge beetle crawling on the ceiling and I made him kill it. He didn't like it at first but he did it anyway. That's love!


Bridgett said...

these are good--starbucks drive thru people have always been incredibly nice...

Laura said...

we do stuff right?!
: )
thanks for this...it made my day.
& thanks for the card catalog info!
there are still 5 left!