19 August 2009

Three Columns - YES!

As you may be able to tell, I've done a little work around good ol' happy notions.

I've created three columns (I feel bad saying that I'VE created them. Really, I just followed a tutorial and it was magnificent). I updated the link list. I'm currently working on a new header, but it's nowhere near ready.

But keep an eye out.

Because it will be soon.


Laura said...

can't wait to see it!

also...i might have not seen your twitter comments for 2 months had it not been for them showing up on your blog. hahaha, yay.

missy. said...

thanks for the add on your link list :) made my day! cant wait to see the new header. you are so creative and its fabulous to see what you can do!

Karen said...

I just noticed I made your updated link list! Thanks so much!! I'm off to update mine and return the favor :)