27 August 2009

To the Readers.

To the readers - to my friends who pop in from time to time, and to the friends that I have known for years that read religiously.

To the strangers that read and get to know me through words and pictures - but really, you are all friends in my eyes.

To the people whom I got to know better through blogging - really, I'm thinking of a few people in particular who ALWAYS make time to read and comment.

I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you. It means to the world to me, to know that people care enough to see what I have to show you and say to you. You are all wonderfully creative and lovely and smart people and I love reading what you have to show ME as well.

Basically, we're just awesome.


Pete said...

And thank you for being the best.

missy. said...

girl i love your blog. it is awesome. thanks for continuing to post such awesomeness.