27 August 2009

Micaela reminded me...

This sort of goes hand-in-hand with my size 14 jeans.

I LOVE Glamour magazine. Adore it. It has a great combination of fashion (but not too much), lifestyle, music, books, girly stuff, etc...

I used to have a subscription to it...in fact, the most recent issue was my last one, I think. And so I was flipping through it and I got to page 194 and my eyes just RESTED on this woman.

How gorgeous is she? I mean, I looked up from the magazine and Pete was just awkwardly staring at me, and he said, "what's wrong?" and I held the pages up to him and said, "Pete...she looks like ME."

I was so happy. Literally. Thank GOD that some magazine editors are trying to combat the world of skinny women in media. I'm an avid magazine reader (I probably buy one or two mags a week and when the newest batch of monthly issues come out...well, I buy a lot more), and there are not normal looking women in the majority of the magazine ads...or even the magazine article pages.

The tummy roll, those thighs...she even has stretch marks. It's perfection. It's the WAY women are supposed to look.

Anyway - I don't want to shove the whole weight thing down your throat. It's been interesting reading some other comments about the whole thing. On Vitamin G (a blog on Glamour's website), someone wrote a post about it and some people commented saying that they don't want to see a person looking like her in a magazine and that she needs to lose weight.

Well, I digress. Thanks for the reminder, Micaela!! And if you click on the Vitamin G link up in the last paragraph, you can read a small interview with Lizzie (the model/woman in the picture), and 748 of the comments posted about her.


Micaela said...
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Micaela said...

you are so cute! i can picture you and Pete when you turned the page to her and think it's so cute your answer.

it's refreshing isn't it?

she's gorgeous! and really to me, you see her smile first than the (gasp!) roll of flab. She makes the so-called pooch look good and i hope to see more of her in our glossy magazines.

i need to thank YOU for the reminder... your size 14 jeans post was beautifully honest and filled with inspiration- i need to stop beating myself up with the 15 pound weight gain, not pay attention to the size of my jeans but be "comfortable" with who i am now. I loved that post and this one. loved it.

muffin-top no more, embrace comfort because loving who you are (and having a man who does too is such a bonus!!!) is a beautiful.

i love who you've become, and i didn't even know the old you... i don't have to.


Anonymous said...

i too think your size 14 post was great!... it is really amazing how we get caught up in the numbers.
i find this woman so beautiful...

missy. said...

this is fabulous. i'm so grateful you posted this!