19 August 2009

Card Catalog.

Ever since I showed the lovely world my awesome card catalog, people are asking - where did you get it? How? That's so cool! (that last one isn't a question...)

Well, here's the four-one-one.

I got it from Millikin University's library. Sad - they're getting rid of their catalogs because really, they aren't being used anymore. However, not sad for me (and potentially any of YOU) because they are selling them for ONLY $100 !!!!!

They are amazing, wonderful things. I saw all ten of them when I picked mine up (apparently I was the first one that expressed interest). They're really sturdy and everything is in working order.

And there are FOUR LEFT. You should totally nab one of these. They are in Decatur, Illinois, which is about an hour and 45 minutes from St. Louis. Not a bad drive for an amazing piece of furniture.

If you're interested, send an email to Denise: ddgreen@mail.millikin.edu

Tell her you want one. Tell her you'll give her a nice, crisp $100 bill. And then revel in all that is your VERY own card catalog.


Micaela said...

man, to live in illinois....

if only.

Katie said...

yay!! my hometown!