10 January 2010

Only Six Months to Go!

Last we checked in, according to the wedding countdown, we only had eight months left.

Now there's only six and it's insane.

We've gotten a lot of other stuff done...

1. Registered at Macy's. Now we're registered there and Crate & Barrel.
2. Finished our wedding website
3. Created and sent out save-the-dates
4. Got Pete and Steve (the best man, and Pete's twin brother) fitted for suits, at Savvi
5. Planned our entire ceremony, minus the music
6. Finished creating our guest list. 303 people. I'm pretty sure 303 people cannot even fit into the room we're renting. We'll see.
7. We sent in our first payment to the reception place.
8. I found a woman to press my dress and show me how to bustle it. Because I already forgot.
9. We have all the hotels for our honeymoon booked!! My aunt, who travels the world and teaches baking classes, has a timeshare/reward thing for Marriott hotels. So her gift to us was paying for our first week of honeymooning. Awesome. Then, we got a GREAT deal on a hotel in San Francisco. Six nights for $530-something.
10. We've done some research on rehearsal dinner venues.
11. I've looked around at flowergirl dresses (Bridgett, I need to email you about this).
12. We set the date for my first bridal shower, with my family up in Chicago!
13. We have cake stuff figured out! Our friend, Lindsay, is baking cupcakes for the guests and a small, two-tier cake for us. Eeeeee!
14. We've asked some of the people to do readings, etc - but we still have others to ask! We should get on that.
15. I ordered and received my wedding headband! I chose the white.

The next "big" things I'm going to be working on this week are:
- calling around florists
- ordering shoes
- reserving blocks of hotel rooms in St. Louis for the out-of-town guests
- figure out transportation (anyone want to offer a clean, roomy car for us? My car is too small, and so is Pete's, for my dress. It's fluffy. Pete's is also disgusting. Our friend Matt sat in the front seat and got chocolate all over his pants. So, I don't really trust wearing a white dress in it...)
- research hair/make-up artists. I realize that this would be a great place to cut costs, but I HAVE NO CLUE how to make my hair/face pretty. I'm just not one of those girls.
- compose day-of timeline

[photo by the super-talented Ryan Gladstone...aka our photographer!!!]

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Bridgett said...

hey if I need to sew anything let me know soon....