10 January 2010

Honeymoon Spot #2: Alcatraz Island

Location: San Francisco

I've never been to Alcatraz. I'm pretty sure I haven't been to the Ferry Building, either.

But Alcatraz! When my family and I went to San Francisco six or seven years ago, we tried to go to Alcatraz, but there was a waiting period of THREE WEEKS. Three weeks! That's how backed up they were. It seems hard to imagine. People book times to go out to Alcatraz? Weird.

Either way, I'm excited to actually check it out. I was secretly relieved when I went with my family. I thought it was going to be very scary and dark and drippy and haunted, but it doesn't seem like it will be.

Ugh. While searching for facts about Alcatraz, I saw a link for "hauntings", and being the masochist I am, I read it.

I don't know if I want to go anymore.

Regardless, it seems like a cool place. It's a piece of American history, and even if we DON'T go, it looks pretty cool in the distance.

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