08 January 2010

Roller Coasters

Okay, okay. So I one of my resolutions (here) was to comment more on people's blogs. Really, there's no reason I shouldn't do this. I'm logged into gmail automatically and if I'm already on their site...duh.

Another thing that I should be better at doing is responding to comments on this blog. I get them emailed to my gmail account, so I do read all of them, but when someone asks a question, I think - oh yeah I'll tell them the answer when I see them/I'll send them an email/etc. So. I'm going to get better at that.

And the reason I'm talking about roller coasters is because in the above link (resolutions), Bridgett commented and said, "you've never been on a roller coaster?!" And...well, I have. See, that's the thing. I've been on this:

That's right: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, in Disney World, Orlando-FL.

The story of HOW I got on the coaster is kind of funny. See, I don't like being scared. This is obvious by my choice of movies (romantic-comedies, foreign films, etc). I've never been to one of those horrible haunted houses that pop up all over the city around Halloween, either. Basically, if adrenaline is pumping through my body I'm afraid I'm going to die. So I try to steer clear of these things.

However. When I was 12 or 13, we got a call from some timeshare company. I answered the phone at home and when my mom picked it up from another floor in the house, I didn't hang up. I heard "timeshare" and knew that "timeshare" = vacation. The guy talked about the whole thing - "we'll put you in our fanciest Marriott hotel for four nights and you just have to spend one day at our timeshare meeting!"

As it turns out, some of the days that they allowed the promotion to happen during were days dad was already going to be in Orlando for business. So we skipped two days of school and headed South.

We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom, a day at EPCOT, a day at SeaWorld (since dad works for Anheuser-Busch, we had free passes at the time), and of course - a day in the timeshare meeting.

Anyway. Magic Kingdom day. It was the first time we had been to Disney in which Emme and I were old enough to really begin to appreciate things, so mom bought a Disney World tour book. She had read about this ride, called Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. According to the book, it's "a leisurely ride through mining country". So we get into line. Why not? It sounded nice.

The closer we get to the ride itself, the more and more screams we're hearing. "Oh no, that's from Splash Mountain," dad reassured his three scaredy-cat girls. "That's not from the ride we're about to go on."

Well. They were, actually. Mom and I got into one car, and dad and Emme into the other. I was wearing a baseball cap and it promptly flew off my head. Mom was clutching my arm, screaming the whole time, yelling "THE CAPS ON MY TEETH ARE GOING TO FALL OFF!"

So. That's how I got into a roller coaster. Because some dude wrote in some book that it was "leisurely". After a brief Google search, it seems that it doesn't ever go faster than 35 miles-per-hour. Which makes me feel brave, but also silly. Because that isn't that fast at ALL.

And that's the roller coaster story. However, Pete and I are going to Disneyland on the honeymoon, so I'll defintely ride a rollercoaster there. Hey, maybe it will even be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again!

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