10 January 2010

My Life as Seinfeld

He gets the coat from a wig master, who is staying with George. The coat was made as the technicolor dreamcoat, from the play. The cane came from Elaine (whoo! a rhyme!), because she was finished reviewing it for the J. Peterman catalog. And you saw how he got the hat.

When I was a freshman in high school, I made a "hot guy" collage. It had pictures of Matt Damon, Josh Hartnett, Robert Carmichael (lead singer of Rooney), etc. And I also put a picture of Kramer on there. I don't think he's hot, by any means. But he makes me laugh harder than most of the other guys on the collage probably could.

I showed it to my parents when I was finished with it, and mom said, "I bet Kramer would be proud to be with all those young men."

When I first started dating my first boyfriend, I tore the collage up. I was afraid he would judge me for it. I really, really wish I still had it. Oh well!

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