25 January 2010

Honeymoon Spot #4: Britex Fabrics

Location: San Francisco

I've heard wondrous things about Britex Fabrics from multiple bloggers - but mostly Jordan.

Here in St. Louis, we don't really have any GREAT fabric stores. Yes, there are some places. But those places don't have the fabric or trimmings or notions that I want. The stuff is pretty boring. Not all the time...but it's very...mainstream. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'm trying really hard to be politically correct but you know what? St. Louis has nothing that I want, in terms of fabric.

So. Just seeing the pictures of Britex Fabrics makes me giddy.

There are four floors. And apparently they are all glorious.

This? Yeah, above. Those are all drawers of BUTTONS. Look at all the colors! And all the little boxes!

And zippers! Look at the zippers! How pretty and colorful! It's like a rainbow!

I am saving my pennies now so that I can go crazy in this store. I hope there's a comic book store nearby so Pete can hang out there. Because I can already tell you he won't want to be in Britex with me.

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sonrie said...

I wish we had a GOOD fabric store as well...and notions, included. Maybe we should start one. :)