01 January 2010

MOBOT in the Snow

MOBOT (Missouri Botanical Gardens) is the prettiest place to visit when it's snowing. Or has snowed.

I was lucky, because on December 30th I was supposed to work all day and go swimming with the kids. But since it was snowing some of the kids didn't show up and we would have originally had seven counselors going to the pool with six kids...so I volunteered to NOT work. Amy also volunteered to not work, and then we picked up Pete and drove to MOBOT.

I played with my new digital camera a lot - LOVE LOVE LOVE the macro feature. So much better than my old camera.

Walking in circles...

Boots! They were perfect on that day.

Last year, I played hooky from classes and Pete had a snow day so we spent time at MOBOT, then, too - check it out here.

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Bridgett said...

When I was teaching, Mike would play hooky from the science center on my snow days and this is where we would go. Beautiful.