11 January 2010

Food, and a Hiatus

There are afternoons when I'm spending lots of time online, and I see a recurring theme. This afternoon, for example. Showed me food. Lots and lots of food.

One thing that piqued my interest is this story on the Saveur 100. I can't say that I want to frequent all the restaurants/try all the recipes, but I wouldn't mind seeing/preparing/eating the majority of them. If I was going to subscribe to a food magazine, Saveur would be it. Not only does everything sound delicious, but the food styling/photography is awesome. That will do it, for me.

The other food-related thing I came across today is called TasteSpotting - "a community driven visual potluck". Oh, my. Everything is so pretty and yummy-looking. I think I'm most excited to try these.

In other news. I think I'm going to take a little blog break. For a couple of reasons. And we all know I like making lists.

1. I need an Internet break. I've been spending way too much time on the computer. I need to read books and decorate the apartment and do crafts. I do a lot of those things, too - but now that school has started back up, I'm going to have to prioritize. And we all know I loooooooove the Internet and I looooooove blogging, but I think I'm going to take a couple of days.

2. I need to get into my new schedule for the next four months.

3. I was going to do have a blog giveaway as my 600th post here on happy notions - but this post will equal #592! And I don't have any awesome great ideas yet! So I need to slow down. Well, I have a few. But in order to give these things away, I need to receive/create/get them first. So just wait.

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Bridgett said...

Ah lists. You remind me of Sports Night. Which of course if you haven't seen you should borrow. Put it on a list.