10 January 2010

Honeymoon Spot #1: Ferry Building Marketplace

Location: San Francisco, CA

The Ferry Building Marketplace is one of those places that just looks perfect in every way possible. It's located downtown, it has local/seasonal stuff, it's by the ocean...

I mean, the building itself should be good enough, right? No. The stuff inside it...it's perfect. There are two stores that specialize in olive oils! Taylor's Refresher has what seems to be some of the best burgers and fries in the area (besides In-n-Out - that will be for a post another time). Ciao Bella, home to my favorite raspberry sorbet, has a stand here. The Cowgirl Creamery sells cheese. Good, good cheese, and Acme Bread has a stand there, too - so we can make a little picnic out of the day. If we're feeling Mexican, instead of cheese-and-bread (although I find that highly impossible), there's Mijita. And then for dessert? Miette AND Recchiuti.

I could probably spend all day in this place. Reading firsthand accounts (I love Yelp) tells me that it's bright and airy and very clean and happy and fresh!

[according to this picture, Ciao Bella and Miette are right next to each other. Good thing I'm losing all that weight before the wedding, because it seems I'll be gaining it back quickly on the two week honeymoon.]

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Bridgett said...

nah--you'll be walking all over the place. You'll be fine. Both trips to california I came home weighing the same as when I left.