17 January 2010


So I decided I'm going to do a little spotlight on each of my bridesmaids. I talked about Megan awhile ago - my bestie (ugh, really? Sometimes I wonder why I say the things I do), and I've been thinking about my friend Shannon a lot lately.

Shannon is, in a word, great. I met her my sophomore year. She was one of my residents when I was an RA (resident adviser). She really, really reminded me of my friend Sarah (also a bridesmaid) when I first met her, but I don't see it at all anymore. It's weird how that happens...

[I think this is the first picture taken of us together - Shannon, Laura, me. We had a huge pep rally/soccer game the first weekend of their freshmen year and went all out]

I pretty much fell in love with Shannon right away. She was outspoken and hilarious and adorable, and she listened to me. She wore sweatpants and had no problem wearing them day after day (my kind of girl). She spent time in my room, watching good TV shows and hanging out and talking. We talked about our old crushes in grade/high school and how it was sad nothing ever amounted from them (well, hers did later).

[hanging out at our floor dinner at Blueberry Hill]

Anyway, she's awesome. And as the year went by I kind of fell more in love with her. She became my favorite resident (I won't lie) and we became really close. She started working at Wilson with me, which was great, because she was the girl that was all, "Kaylen. Really. Calm down. Those kids don't mean the horrible, mean things that they say." which was nice, because it did make me calm down. I'm the kind of person that remembers mean things that people to say to me.

So the last two years Shannon and I have hung out a lot, in each other's rooms and apartments and whatnot. But. But. Last week, she flew away. She's a junior and she's studying Spanish and secondary education, and so she's spending a semester in Madrid, fine-tuning her Espana (is that how you spell it?) and generally being a rockstar.

[also at Blueberry Hill - Shannon, Me, Katie, Sarah]

And holy crap, I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss her so much. I miss texting her about weird, inane things (pooping? Seriously.), and seeing her adorable face at work, and hearing about her day and the adventures she and her friends have. Basically she's a real college student. I'm not.

But mostly I just miss being able to talk to her. I took that for granted. We talked at work, on the phone, in person - and I can't do that at all now! Wah wah wah. I know. Complaints, complaints.

If you want to read about a lady who is living her dreams, hanging out in Madrid, and having awesome European adventures, check her out here. Also - she wrote a blog post about me awhile back that made me giggle like a little girl. She was so cute - all like, "So...I wrote a blog post about you." and I was like, "really?!?!" So I went right home and read it and giggled. Like I already said.