07 January 2010

Etsy in the New York Times

I really, really love this story. It was all up in twitter and stuff a few weeks ago, and I kept forgetting to post it...

It just makes me happy that people are finding ways to make ends meet, and to do the things that they really truly LOVE and ENJOY in life.

I know that yes, obviously, it's still a lot of work. But if I was serious about getting my gocco up and running, or if I really knew how to knit and people really liked my products...I would LOVE to sit in my apartment for the majority of the days of the week, knit/sew/craft whatever, watch a good TV show, blog, and take care of my store.

But I love my computer, the Internet, and Etsy...so...yeah.

You should read it. It's fascinating to see what some sellers make - $140,000 a year? Sounds good to me.

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